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    Ready for Tomorrow is the official Mission of the Hilliard City Schools. Ready for Tomorrow is personal; Ready for Tomorrow is different for each student. Our vision as a district is that all students embrace a mindset of continuous improvement, are empowered to push themselves to the very edge of their abilities, and are inspired to create a future for themselves.

    Our culture is the heart of the Hilliard City School District.  It makes our schools a special place to learn and work, and it gives us a unique advantage. Building and sustaining the Hilliard culture requires intentional effort from everyone in the district.

    Our core values provide the standards for how we behave toward each other, our students & our community. Because our culture shapes behavior, it determines how effectively we execute our strategy. Our success depends on the ability to collaborate and execute in a constantly changing environment. Culture aligns everyone in the district around a common set of values & behaviors that ultimately determine how we prepare our students for success.

    David Stewart
    Hilliard City Schools Superintendent


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