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    Joining a Dublin Chamber committee is a great way to get involved, meet area business leaders and help set the direction of your Chamber. Meetings are typically held once every month at the Dublin Chamber office.  If you would like to join a committee, select your top three committee choices from the list below and contact Jennifer Amorose at the Dublin Chamber or call 614-889-2001

    Executive Committee:
    Chair: Scott Arthur
    President Elect: Mark Flesch
    Vice President: Alicia Nesline Shaw
    Treasurer: Greg Lesperance
    COO/Director: Jenny Amorose

    Mission:  To act for and on behalf of the Board of Directors between regular meetings; to review new proposals before presentation to the Board.

    Planning, Communications and Technology Committee
    Chair: Mark Flesch
    Committee: Greg Lesperance, Alicia Nesline Shaw, Paul Ghidotti, Hollis Mignogno, Jenny Amorose

    Mission: This committee plans the direction of future activities, and reviews and recommends policy and action to the Board of Directors relevant to the objectives of the Chamber.

    Programs & Special Events Committee
    Co-Chairs: Lisa Gutierrez, Blaire Luciano, Alicia Nesline Shaw
    Committee: Megan O'Callaghan, Hollis Mignogno, Melissa Reilly, Armin Rahmanian, Greg Lesperance

    Mission: This committee plans and executes events that bring additional funds to the Chamber and encourages member involvement.
    Nominating Committee
    Chair: Mark Flesch
    Committee: Randy Leite, Jenny Amorose, Greg Lesperance, Scott Arthur, Businessperson of the Year

    Mission: This committee develops a slate of officers and board members for the next year and proposes recommendations for recipient of the Spotlight Dublin Award.

    Development, Government Affairs & Advocacy Committee
    Chair: Blaire Luciano
    Committee: John Marschhausen, Melissa Reilly, Megan O'Callaghan, Jenny Amorose    

    Mission: This committee is proactive in understanding the concerns and needs of the community and collaborates with state and local government, elected officials and various agencies to serve as an advocate for area businesses. The committee also serves as a liaison between the Chamber Board and the Dublin Economic Development Department, providing updates to the Chamber Board and members regarding economic development initiatives in process by the city and recommending action to the board.

    Workforce Programs Committee
    Co-Chairs: Brad Moore and Melissa Reilly
    Committee: Asch Mikhail, Greg Lesperance, Armin Rahmanian, Chamber staff

    Mission: This committee plans the direction of the Chamber's workforce programs focusing on employee retention and attraction, workforce development, job fairs, etc. 

    Membership & Member Benefits Committee
    Co-Chairs: Mark Flesch and Adam Holderman
    Committee:  Kyle Lugg, Lisa Gutierrez, Scott Arthur, Paul Ghidotti, Asch Mikhail, Alicia Nesline Shaw, with support from all board members

    Mission: This committee actively engages board members and the general membership to assist in the recruitment of new members, and the retention of current members.

    Chair: John Marschhausen
    Committee: Randy Leite, Asch Mikhail, any additional members appointed by the chair from the general membership             

    Mission: This committee provides updates to the Chamber’s Board about workforce and educational issues and actions relevant to Chamber membership and the business community.  

    Chair: Greg Lesperance
    Committee: Scott Arthur, Alicia Nesline Shaw

    Mission: This committee prepares monthly financial reports for the Board as well as the annual budget.

    Past Presidents Committee
    Chair: Randy Leite
    Committee: Scott Estep, Alan Baker, Bill Andrews, Nicholas LaRocca, Sam Smiley, Virgil Temple, Page Vornbrock and past presidents willing to serve

    Mission: This committee ensures services available to members are adequately communicated, suggests areas of improvement, and monitors progress of the strategic plan.

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